Aside from the Obama-Clinton tussle for Democratic Nominee, the other big new on the net and the influential is about the Church of Oprah Winfrey. The reactions – pros and cons – showed how people view their religion against another, or the traditionalists against the New Age religionists.

I was not really able to view all videos related to Oprah’s Church and to Eckhart Tolle, who, like Oprah, has long been advocating for the Religion of the NEW or the AWAKENING.

Here is an interesting quote from the forum:

This is an interesting post.I have a quick view I would like to share.It seems that any significant event in history that really changed the world was met with alot of resistence.Change can be frightening to many people because the fear of the unknown(what will happen when/if it changes),or the fear of losing the known(what were used to) seem to be rooted into our conditioning.This info which has been around for awhile has never before been presented to the world before at this magnitude.There really is a change thats taking place right now that HUGE in the spiritual sense,which can be hidden in the worldly sense.Tolles word “The pain body”,which he descibes as the emotional aspect of the ego,applys here if you look at it.A change like this is a threat to established belief systems because now there is the danger that the beliefs,which aren’t rooted in reality at all,may be exposed for what they are”thought forms.”Just ideas.The pain body(I’m using Tolles word)can only live on thought forms/Ideas or otherwise it wouldn’t exist.I’m not trying to cause more fear here.Theres nothing to fear.Its very interesting when you look at it a little deeper.I try not to oppose any heavy egos and treat all as friends.Love wipes away all insanity and illusions.I’m very grateful for this event and hope everyone has a safe,peacful journney into discovering themselves.

Then there is also another same group which call themselves ECKANCAR.

I advise you that you go through these links below with caution and open mind.

I mean, if you are sure of your faith, then go right ahead.


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