I m kinda late bloomer in music. My musical taste was influenced by my mother. So i grew up with Oldies music in the house. My mother said she is not gifted with musical voice, and there seems to be no one in the family interested in singing. But she can carry a tune. And she sings with gusto everytime she is tending her garden. I will wake in the morning to the sound of her singing. She was fond of Frank Sinatra (Fly me to the moon) and old Bisayan and Tagalog ballads.

When i began picking up her songs, my mother thought i will be the exception in the family. One time, there was an amateur singing contest in the barangay, an aunt told my mother that i should join. They never told me about it. But they asked me to practice singing a Rico Puno song. Then come Sunday, they broke the news. I was stiff-scared. My mother said that i will be exempted from house chores if i will sing. Well, i sang. Eversince, i want to forget about the incident.

Then, when i was in second year high school, i met a classmate who was into band music. He played drums. He was the one who encouraged me to learn guitar so we can jam in their house. My practice piece was Cotabato by Asin. After that, i progressed into folk songs, and mellow rock. I never improved beyond folk and rhythm since i seldom practice.

This summer, my daughter called me and proudly announce she is learning to play guitar. Ahah.

So i decided to start compiling songs with chords.

This is to help others who are just beginners to guitar-playing.

I hope RIAA will not come rampaging into my blog page with a “remove-or-be-sued” comment..

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It’s been a long time… And been a long time since i held a guitar. When i get back to Pinas, i am going to buy an acoustic guitar.

This is all for now….