Philippine Daily Inquirer

Posted date: May 20, 2008

MANILA, Philippines—The Manila Archbishop Monday said that having homosexual Catholic priests wouldn’t be “too bad” as long as they didn’t “act out” their “tendencies.”

In an interview on Church-run Radio Veritas, Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales acknowledged that gay men had been accepted into the priesthood because “even if [the priest] has [homosexual] inclinations, it does not immediately mean that he is evil.”


The cardinal noted that such priests had chosen “to make a distinction between inclination and acting out.”

“A homosexual inclination is not bad but acting it out is an entirely different matter, and that is what is written in the sacred scriptures,” he added.

Rosales explained that this had been the stand of Pope Benedict XVI who, he said, was “not condemning homosexuals” per se when he confronted the issue of pedophile priests during his recent visit to the United States.

He noted that when Benedict declared in New York that “the Church needs holy priests, not many priests,” the latter was speaking out particularly against men of the cloth who had sexually abused children and brought shame to the Church.

Fact-finding body

In this country, Rosales said, complaints against priests who commit sexual abuse may be raised before bishops. The subject priest would be made to answer the allegations before a fact-finding body.

If found meritorious, the case would be elevated to the Vatican, where it would be decided whether the priest should be defrocked, Rosales said. Jeanette I. Andrade


3 Responses to “Cardinal Rosales says gay priests OK but …”

  1. mark xavier lalaguna Says:

    Thanks for the teaching…

    GAy Priests are indeed a holy priest……..


  2. Don Kishote Says:

    The post above does not say gay priests are holy.

    There is an episode on the TV series “Over There”… One of the soldier likened the issue of dealing with erring politicians to the way Vatican deals with pedophilia among priests. The actor said “It is like the way Catholic Church deals with pedophiles. Just transfer them to a new parish with new set of little boys.”

    Being a gay priest is ok for as long as he will conduct himself as a holy priest. And not use the frock to commit immorality. Because the fact is, gay priests are more inclined towards immorality – how they love choir and altar boys…

    It is only in these times that the Church finally admitted the ‘secret’ issues of gay priests. Long after countless lives have been disturbed by the violation committed by gay priests.

    A wee bit too late, and even so, the Church is still in denial….


  3. fel Says:

    tnx for it. i’m going to seminary next week. and it help me to decide. do i need to go or not…. tnx for it i am also a gay..


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