balut2.jpgMy neighborhood balut vendor pointed out this news. He said that the ‘senior DFA diplomat’ might either be a chinoy or paid-for by Chinese and Malacanang to say these things.

You see, the way this DFA diplomat points his dirty finger to the US as the one responsible for making expose of this deal sounds very much like ,er, a communist line. China-line, that is.

It is not an issue whether these two deals are with China or with US. Both will have the same grave consequence as against the Philippines. And the public reaction will be the same. In fact, if these NBN and Spratlys deals will be with US, i’m sure the entire leftist organizations will flood our streets in protest. But since this is with China, ahhhhhh. Very quiet. and this ‘senior diplomat’ will sing a different tune — maybe Broadway.

What RP-China relations this Chinese-lackey-of-a-diplomat is talking about? My balut vendor asked.

Just because China is caught red-handed bribing our officials to get a project that is deemed of ‘national interest’ and getting us to sign a one-sided oil exploration inside our national territory doesn’t mean it is the end of diplomatic relations. As my balut vendor further opined, that RP-China relations is not preconditioned on the government signing anomalous deals with them. We are not Taiwan.

kalayaan1.jpgSo why is the DFA diplomat almost in tears over the violent reactions on Spratlys which DFA has ‘internally discussed’?? I don’t know.

So why is the DFA diplomat almost in tears over the violent reactions on Spratlys which DFA has ‘internally discussed’?? I don’t know.

My balut vendor asked me what can kind of people we have in DFA that even ‘senior diplomats’ are defending foreign governments interests and not our own. DFA has been shown to be anti-OFWs, for one. Now it is part of government’s chorus group that sings halleluja to China’s subtle ‘benevolent assimilation’ of the Philippines. – I’m not sure about that.

PNOC said that this not the first time that Philippinese entered into joint venture with another country. We had joint exploration with Australia and Norway. The only diffrence, it said, is that we have no territorial dispute with them. Exactemente.

There are several factors why the people has reacted negatively to the China Connection:
1. The direct bribery done by ZTE to our government officials
2. Territorial dispute
3. Secrecy of these transations

Of course, we respect our government’s wisdom to enter into valid international agreements. It is always assume all such agreements are for the benefit of the country. So you see, my friend, even the Senate has ‘slowed down’ its investigation in the Spratlys issue. When this thing came out on the press, the grandstanding Senators howled altogether and made such noises that you think this deal was really rotten.

Now, the Senate and that ‘senior DFA diplomat’ are suddenly issuing calculated press releases appeasing China. You can be sure that China just handed a dire warning to the government and Congress about making too much fuzz over NBN and JMSU.

After Easter, this JMSU issue will make a 360-degrees turnaround — it is valid and to the best interest of the Philippines.

suka_pinakurat.jpgI don’t know, my friend.

Give me another 18-days old balut. And that garlic/sili-laced sukang pinakurat.

I ate 4 balut that night….

And he goes into the night…. Baluuuutttttttttttt…






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