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Posted on Sunday Jul 12th at 12:00am

By Janvic Mateo

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino netizens are urging technology giant Google to remove from its maps service a Chinese reference to the disputed Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal in the West Philippine Sea.

A Change.Org petition said Google Maps has identified the shoal, located off the coast of Zambales, as part of China’s Zhongsha Islands – a group of submerged reefs and shoals in the area being claimed by several countries, including the Philippines. Panatag Shoal is within the Philippines’ 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

“China’s sweeping claim of South China Sea under their nine-dash line purportedly historical boundary is illegal and is creating tension among nations,” read the petition (, which had over 400 supporters as of yesterday.

“Google maps showing this is part of Zhongsha island chain gives credence to what is plainly a territory grab that peace loving nations should stand against,” it added.

Several Filipino netizens have called on the tech giant to remove the Chinese reference, especially since the map has opted to use the more neutral Scarborough Shoal instead of its Philippine name Bajo de Masinloc or Panatag Shoal or the Chinese name Huangyan Island.

“The use of that name promotes the violation of the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Seas) if it perpetuates China’s unlawful claim,” said Quezon City resident Julian Chris Galvez.

“Google, you are not the UN, nor China, nor the Philippines. You have no right to arbitrarily assign land of sovereign nations to other nations,” added Paul Michael Co of Makati City.

Headlines | Philstar Mobile


BlackBerry and Google announce new partnership for Android in business

By Joseph Keller

BlackBerry and Google have announced a new, enterprise-focused partnership. The two companies are working together to marry BlackBerry’s BES12 enterprise device deployment service and new security features in Android 5.0 Lollipop for increased mobile security, better device management, and easier deployment of enterprise apps for Android devices.

BES12 already comes with support for Lollipop, and features like end-to-end security, global support, and the ability to lock down certain assets on any corporate device are already built-in. With this new partnership, BES12 will also integrate with Google Play for Work, with increased focus on application management.

From BlackBerry:

New features are now available through Android and BES12 that enable organizations to further secure enterprise and personal data on Android devices, set new levels of hardware based encryption, and ensure tight integration with Google Play™ for Work, for increased application management, while delivering a consistent end-user and management experience across their Android fleet.

This announcement follows recent reports of a possible Android-powered BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry will release more details on its partnership with Google at a later date. For now, you can sign up for more information at the link below.

Source: BlackBerry

Leaked render shows off the BlackBerry Venice and all of its Android glory

Yep agree on sentiments above. BlackBerry going Android is going to obscurity and the haters will say, see we told you Android was the OS to go.

Instead of thinking about its small but loyal fan base BlackBerry instead is sending a message it’s giving up.

If it spent the money developing Android and developed it’s own native apps for the App Gap, or paid developers or companies to develop for it.

Enterprise, people who are loyal to iOS and Android don’t even mention BlackBerry mobile in enterprise conversations, you have to throw it in to remind people there is still a BlackBerry business case.

I’ll use my Passport unfilled it dies, and then probably by something else. Sad part is that if they went Android, i would end up buying a competitors waterproof and dust proof all touch phone just to stick it to them.

Stop ticking us off. You have great phones and the Best OS second to none.

Market the features and the phones like crazy. Get inside shopping centres and start giving people a reason to say.

Oh that! I’ll just do that on my BlackBerry

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Leaked render shows off the BlackBerry Venice and all of its Android glory |

BBM Money users in Indonesia can now pay for goods and services online and in stores

By Bla1ze

While we’re still waiting to hear some news about BBM Money for the U.S. and Canada, BlackBerry last week held an event to update media and the Android, BlackBerry and iOS communities in Indonesia on the latest additions to BBM Money that for the first time brings Instant Mobile Payments to users of the app on all major platforms and allows them pay for goods and services online and in stores – regardless of who they bank with.

As many of you already know, BBM remains the most popular messaging app in Indonesia, particularly on devices running Android. However, in addition to the popularity and renown that BBM commands in Indonesia, there are three trends making Indonesia the obvious choice in which to launch a mobile money scheme.

Firstly, with 250 million people experiencing rapid economic development, e-commerce in Indonesia is booming. In fact, e-commerce is growing at the second-fastest pace globally, behind only China.

Secondly, while the use of mobile messaging seems commonplace in Indonesia, smartphone penetration has only just reached 20%. The rate of adoption is among the highest in the world, however, meaning the first experience of the internet for most Indonesians today is from a smartphone. This presents an amazing opportunity for the growing number of innovative and entrepreneurial online retail startups in the country to attract new customers via their smartphones – and is where the BBM Mobile Ad Platform and BBM Channels come into their own.

Thirdly, less than 20% of Indonesians have access to a traditional bank account. Moreover, just 11% of the 250 million inhabitants of Indonesia have debit cards and only 3% have credit cards. This means there are more BBM users in the country than there are debit and credit card users combined. For anyone without access to a bank account or payment card, what could be more convenient than a mobile payment service deeply integrated with the mobile messaging service they love so much?

Following an update to the BBM Money app for Android, BlackBerry and iOS, our customers can now use Instant Mobile Payments to pay for goods and services online and in participating retailers’ stores, regardless of who they bank with. The payment happens instantly without the need to make a trip to an ATM to transfer money to the merchant.

To celebrate Ramadan – the busiest buying season of the year in Indonesia – we are working with a group of retailers, all of which already accept Instant Mobile Payments via BBM Money. These include leading fashion, electronics, food and gift retailers – but the team is hard at work signing up more and more merchants, as we continue building the BBM Money ecosystem in Indonesia.

As for when BBM Money will expand beyond Indonesia, Matthew Talbot, Senior Vice President – Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry noted ‘The answer is that payment services aren’t simple to replicate from one market to the next, given the complexity of local regulations and banking systems. However, we are actively looking at other markets with traits similar to Indonesia, where it would make sense for us to invest in similar BBM-linked payment services. I’ll ensure we keep you updated on any news in this area’. You can read the full post over at the Inside BlackBerry blog.

• Pope urges faster annulment process that is free of charge

“Sometimes, it can even be morally necessary, when it’s about shielding the weaker spouse or young children from more serious injuries caused by intimidation and violence, humiliation and exploitation, neglect and indifference.”

The Jesuit pope acknowledged that separation and divorce had created many “so-called irregular families, even if I don’t like this word”.

The Church needed to work out how best it could help people in such situations, and in particular to seek ways to avoid children becoming “hostages of daddy or mummy”.

A gust of wind blows away Pope Francis’ skullcap (Reuters)

The Pope has shown a more inclusive, compassionate approach to issues such as divorce and homosexuality since being elected two years ago, though he has stopped short of introducing any doctrinal changes.

Liberals within the Catholic Church are hoping for a further shift of stance at the three-week-long synod in October, when bishops from around the world will gather in Rome.

But the Vatican released a working paper earlier this week which suggested that reformists will be disappointed.

The document, a sort of road map which sets out the key topics to be debated, indicated that there will be no change to the current ban on receiving communion for Catholics who have divorced and then remarried.

In the eyes of the Church, their divorces are not valid and they are therefore living in sin with their new partners in adulterous relationships.

The document also suggested that the Vatican will not alter its view of homosexual sex as a sin nor soften its opposition to gay adoption and gay marriage.

Pope says it can be ‘morally necessary’ for couples to split – Telegraph

BlackBerry Messenger update makes it easier to control what you share

By Jared DiPane

The latest BBM update brings along with it a new subscription, Privacy and Control, which lets users have even more control over what they are sharing. Replacing Timed and Retracted Messages, Privacy and Control offers users some new features at the same $0.99 a month price tag.
With this subscription, you will get:

Private Chat
Timed messages and pictures
Retract messages and pictures
Edit Message (Which is also new to the subscription. Made a mistake? Now you can retract it, change it, and send your message again.)
Current subscribers to Timed and Retracted Messages will be automatically upgraded at no extra cost, and anyone else who is interested can subscribe through the app. Additionally, other features added in this release include the ability to organize sticker packs, quote messages and update your status from the feeds tab.

Source: BlackBerry

BlackBerry ‘Prague’ rumored to be company’s first Android-powered device

By Jared DiPane

There has been quite a bit of chatter lately about Android-powered BlackBerry devices, and yet another rumor has surfaced. According to N4BB, BlackBerry’s first Android device is called the BlackBerry “Prague”, which won’t be flagship style hardware, instead more on the lower end. It is said that the “Prague” will be aimed towards emerging markets, much like the Android One devices that other manufacturers are already selling.

This new device is rumored feature a full touchscreen display, designed similarly to the BlackBerry Z3. August 2015 is when the Prague is said to release, which would be ahead of the also rumored BlackBerry Venice slider. While most of the news around BlackBerry seems to be pointing towards Android as the company’s future, it did recently announce BlackBerry 10.3.3 is in the works, so it doesn’t appear as though BlackBerry 10 is going anywhere. Looking to discuss the rumors some more? Head to the CrackBerry Forums.

Source: N4BB