Current year is 2008. According to NSO, in the next 5 years, Philippine population wil reach 100 million.
Wow! as if we do not have enough problems with squatters and food crisis, the specter of population explosion should shake all of us from our lethargy and move to do something, anything.

Why Philippines has a runaway population boom? Credit the Catholic Church for it. At the height of the family planning program, the Catholic Church openly opposed its implementation and threatened to excommunicate any catholics who advocated the modern family planning methods. The power of the Church to intervene in state affairs is such that then DOH Secretary (after Flavier) admitted that theu had stopped the distribution of pills. He made a wry joke that the pills made good fertilizer for his mother’s orchids. His joke generated reaction from donor countries supporting the FP program.

Sure, maybe this two-child policy is too much for the catholics (only!). Because this policy is associated with communist China. But opposing modern FP methods is rather hyprocritical for the Church. If the catholic church wants us to make babies like rabbits, then it should bear a bigger burden of helping its faithful bunnies get decent jobs, housing and ability to feed their wabbits.

Look at Intramuros, Villa San Miguel. It is surrounded by devout catholics squatters, hoodlums, drug users/pushers and prostitutes. What is the church doing about this? Blame the government, that’s what they do.

The catholic church in the philippines is still in 16th century mentality. Trying to preserve and impractical doctrine that is causing much misery to its faithful by denying them access to modern FP methods. Just because the church interpreted the Bible passage that said “Go out to the world and multiply” quite literally.

Well, on hindsight, maybe the reason why the catholic church doesn’t want population control is that it is to compensate for the catholics converting to protestantism, and to equalize against the muslim population, who are non-believers in FP themselves.

Already, our communities suffer from the quite invasion of our privacy and security by squatters. We all feel the pinch of never-ending high prices, just because food supply could not cope up with the growing mouth to feed.

And the catholic church solution to overpopulation? Pray.

When you feel like doing sex, pray.


Manila (AsiaNews) ? A bill on managing population growth that was recently introduced in the House of Representatives met strong opposition from the Catholic Church for violating “religious and spouses’ freedom”.

The “Reproductive Health Act” was submitted by Congressman Edcel Lagman. It speaks of “reproductive health”, “parental responsibility”, “population management”, ideas taken from United Nations documents that are inspired by a radical ideology.

Under the bill, “the State shall adopt an integrated and comprehensive policy on reproductive health in connection with sustainable human development and effective population management that values the dignity of every human person and affords full protection to people’s rights”.

The bill encourages “the limitation of the number of children to an affordable level of two children per family,” and calls upon the government to “encourage two children as the ideal family size [. . .] to attain the desired population growth rate.”

“Population management” will also involve preferential treatment. “Children from [two-child] families shall have preference in the grant of scholarship at the tertiary level.”

The Filipino Catholic Church strongly opposes the bill. According to Attorney Jo Imbong, Legal Office Executive Secretary of the Philippine Bishops’ Conference, “the bill makes a mockery of the inherent rights of the family. It defies the State’s constitutional mandate to value and protect the institution of marriage, strengthen the family and foster its solidarity and full development,” he said.

The two-child policy “violates the spouses’ right to religious belief [which does] not only mean the freedom to believe but also includes the freedom to act on one’s belief.”

The bill also includes “a heightened nationwide multi-media campaign to raise the level of public awareness” about population issues. It also proposes a three-year tax exemption for manufacturers of family planning devices “and related reproductive health products.”

The bill’s backers argue that the country’s population growth, which stands at 2.36% per year (the highest in the world), is the main cause for inadequate government educational and health programmes. Others like attorney Imbong believe that run-away corruption in government is the main cause of poverty among Filipinos. (SE)


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    if you want to know what would happen to the Philippine population if two-child policy is implemented, visit this page:


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