When i was sent to another project, our client, who is also in-charge of our accommodation, subscribe for us the 3-months promotion for DSTV.  Well, the promotion only shows limited number of channels, i think only 10 channels.  At least we have CNN, Euronews and Al-Jazeera. So we ended up switching between these 3 channels and watch the news and documentaries.

One of the news that interested me was about the power transition in Cuba.

Fidel Castro finally accepted he is too sick to manage his country. So he transferred the power to his younger brother, Raul.

And it is no secret that Raul’s outlook for Cuba is for the country to follow the China process in modernizing their economy. Cuba’s Havana used to be the gambling and entertainment capital in that hemisphere prior to Ka Fidel.


If i were have the money, now is the time to go to Cuba and buy some piece of real estate there.


Sure it is better than watching lone NTA channel.


One Response to “All eyes in Havana”

  1. hi kabayan,

    musta na? i think you already know that americans are not allowed to go to cuba yet – but canadians have a very large presence there. i am in the travel business and do you know that from toronto to havana or varadero the package for a week’s holiday including airfare and all the food and drinks you can consume – sometimes only cost cad$700 per person?

    it’s too freakin’ cheap! that is why some filipinos here instead of spending their holidays in the philippines which may cost them upwards cad$3,000 not including airfare choose to go to cuba instead of the philippines!

    i have mentioned this once personally to a philippine tourism department branch, when i visited the philippines. i was asking for some poster i could put up in our office and they’re asking me to pay 100 pesos for each!

    i told the lady about how travel agents in canada are being offered perks by the tourism departments of cuba, dominican republic and costa rica just so we would sell their country to our customers as a tourist destination.

    now, here i am trying to resist those offers and is selling the philippines instead and they wanted me to pay for a friggin’ poster?

    can you believe that? just plain stupid, ‘no?

    enough of the rant. ‘kakasawa na minsan. lol.

    regards ulit sayo


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