The latest on the grapevine is something that happened at the new Carrefour at Landmark. It all started when the Sudani head of security kept hitting on one of the Filipina cashiers, but rudely, asking her if she wanted to taste his “hard chocolate”, that sort of thing, etc. She kept saying no, she isn’t interested, etc. So now this security jerk, feeling bad because she wouldn’t “date” him, kept his eyes on the cashier, waiting for a slip.

One day last week, the cashier bought a pair of shoes for QR 22, but she made a mistake; she bought them herself, at her own cash register, in violation of the rules. Workers can only buy items at certain registers, and only through other cashiers. So the Sudani, who was always watching and videotaping the girl through the security camera, made his move. (Adding to this incident was that the manager was on vacation.)

The Sudani took his men and went up to the girl and charged her with theft of the shoes. She showed him the receipt, but he pocketed it. He then called the Qatari police and charged her with theft. When they asked for the receipt, she said she gave it to the Sudani, but he (in Arabic) told them she was lying. They then paraded the girl throughout the store in handcuffs, in front of the staff and customers, telling everyone she was a thief. The girl was in tears the entire time, the police not talking to her, only talking to (and believing) the security chief.

The police took the girl away and threw her in jail, where she spent the night. Carrefour management went through her room looking for “other things” that were stolen from Carrefour, and anything she has but doesn’t have a receipt for, they kept. (Who keeps receipts for every single thing they buy?) A prosecutor was assigned to the case. The next day, the prosecutor went to Carrefour and asked to view the video tape, which clearly showed the girl purchasing the shoes and placing the money in the cash register.

The prosecuter told the police to release the girl, and sat down with her and asked her the entire story, which she told him. The prosecutor told her that she has grounds to file charges against Carrefour for falsly accusing and embarassing her in the store, but she would need to hire a lawyer to do so. He also told her that she could file charges against them for sexual harassement as the Sudani is a Carrefour employee. The girl has no money, and can’t afford to hire a lawyer, and on top of that, all that would happen is the guard would get fired.

However, the prosecutor DID type up an report regarding the entire incident, and she is going to present it to the Carrefour management demanding the Sudani be fired. The girl also has a few western expat friends with money, of which I am one, and if Carrefour doesn’t fire this Sudani a**hole, WE will hire a lawyer for her, and see the case through to the end, even if they send her back to the Philippines while it is going on (and is their habit). (The girl plans to return to the Philippines in a month anyway, as her contract is over).

I encourage you all, if shopping at Carrefour, to make a point to let the manager know that you are aware of the incident and are apalled at the cashier’s treatment, and let him know you think they should fire the Sudani security chief. I would also recommend letting him know you won’t shop there anymore until he is gone. I plan to. He did this to this girl, who is to say he won’t do it to another? I also plan to go talk to the jerk myself and let him know I am paying for the lawyer, and that I hope he likes the cockroach of a country he’s from, because he’ll be back there soon enough.

It’s time to get these kind of people out of Qatar, and help those who don’t have much of a voice. If the security guard did this to a Qatari or muslim woman, he would be in jail already. But because it was a Filipina, nothing happens. I am tired of it.

Joan B. Valenciano
Physiotherapist (MSKT)

Dukhan Medical Center
Qatar Petroleum
P.O. Box 100001
Direct Ph (+974) 4716187
Ph (+974) 4716605 Ext. 242
Fax (+974) 4717776


4 Responses to “Voice from Qatar: Latest whacko incident at Carrefour”

  1. Flor Gonzales Says:

    Thank you so much for helping this poor girl. . We Filipinos should unite & help each other.


  2. Don Kishote Says:

    we should… and that goes for this coming 2010 election.


  3. Maria Cortina Says:

    It’s annoying that this is a common treatment for us Filipino’s, hoping that the government of Qatar will look at it. This is just one of thousand cases against us ” FILIPINO”. Hoping we get our rights equally and they must remove the discrimination from us. We need to be tough, show that filipino’s is a fighter.


  4. Maha Says:

    Im really late but came across this. Any updates? As a Sudanese woman, I felt offended by your “oockaroach of a country” comment.

    Although I agree he’s an a-hole, please respect other Sudanese.

    I hope action has been taken against this man.


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