Leaked render shows off the BlackBerry Venice and all of its Android glory

Yep agree on sentiments above. BlackBerry going Android is going to obscurity and the haters will say, see we told you Android was the OS to go.

Instead of thinking about its small but loyal fan base BlackBerry instead is sending a message it’s giving up.

If it spent the money developing Android and developed it’s own native apps for the App Gap, or paid developers or companies to develop for it.

Enterprise, people who are loyal to iOS and Android don’t even mention BlackBerry mobile in enterprise conversations, you have to throw it in to remind people there is still a BlackBerry business case.

I’ll use my Passport unfilled it dies, and then probably by something else. Sad part is that if they went Android, i would end up buying a competitors waterproof and dust proof all touch phone just to stick it to them.

Stop ticking us off. You have great phones and the Best OS second to none.

Market the features and the phones like crazy. Get inside shopping centres and start giving people a reason to say.

Oh that! I’ll just do that on my BlackBerry

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Leaked render shows off the BlackBerry Venice and all of its Android glory | CrackBerry.com