The Pentagon promises to continue to support BlackBerry Smartphones while welcoming BYOD

I agree that Apple has peaked, but don’t expect their fall to be fast as they have enough cash and enough loyal users that they will hold on to a good chunk of the market for a long time.

Also don’t count Windows Phone out even though it offers nothing really for anyone to choose it over Android or iOS Microsoft also has a ton of resources and can afford to stay in the game forever even if they lose money every year in mobile because they have a stranglehold on the PC market and Office market.

RIM doesn’t have anywhere near the ecosystem or alternate revenue streams that Apple, Google, and Microsoft has. RIM is David up against 3 Goliaths. RIM needs partnerships while they grow an ecosystem of their own and relative to this article one of the things they need to do is establish themselves as THE undisputed number one player in MDM. Plus, as Chris said in an article a few months back, once they get back on their feet, they should look at doing what HTC did and buying some of the small players in the MDM market to consolidate and fortify their position there. Heck they should even try and sang a big player like Good Technologies if they can pull it off as that merger alone would give RIM total dominance in MDM as Good is the next biggest player.

RIM bought the pieces they needed to make BB10 a great platform. But when BB10 is successful they need to buy up some companies that make RIM an indispensable company to the mobile computing market. Newbay was good because it deepens carriers reliance on RIM as many of the worlds top carriers use Newbay for white label cloud storage. If RIM is indispensable to carriers, then carriers will always push BlackBerry devises. If RIM is indispensable in BYOB then BlackBerrys will end up being a very popular choice among Enterprise EMPLOYEES again. RIM needs BB10 to be a hit but once it is, RIM needs to still make more strategic moves to make sure that even without mobile phones, that the mobile computing market can’t get on without RIM.

The Pentagon promises to continue to support BlackBerry Smartphones while welcoming BYOD |