I am used to laptop with numeric keypad and for a while my HP laptop provided that function. But when I moved to another assignment with less actuarial tasks, my usage of the numeric keypad has become less. And then one day, my backpack sling broke while I was going out of the car, and my laptop bag dropped straight to the ground. HP laptop cracked open. I swear it was an accident.

And so, company bought another laptop – a Dell Vostro laptop with 6GB RAM and 500GB HD.I thought at first something’s missing – numeric keypad was not there. I was on the verge of deciding to return it to I.T., but later in the night, I discovered it’s killer feature – backlit keypad.

Me who have to wear reading glass, the backlit keypad was heaven-sent. And I eventually forgot about the numeric keypad.

I had the Dell Vostro backlit keypad laptop for 3 years, before another ‘accident’ forced me to return it with such regrets to our I.T. You see, I bought this pink gooey cleaning gel – made in Japan. I thought it would solve the dust beneath the keys. So I spread  the goo in my keypad closed the cover, hoping that by next day, I can lift the goo along with dust and debris. The next morning, to my horror, I opened my laptop to discover the pink goo hardened beneath the keys and try as I did to remove the goo, a lot got stuck underneath and cannot be removed. Now my backlit keypad got stuck with the cleaning gel and was no longer usable. I tried using an external humongous keyboard, but it wouldn’t be a portable laptop anymore, isn’t it.

So, I had it returned to IT. And I was not issued laptop anymore.

Out of silent protest, I purchased another Dell laptop (Inspiron) and an Asus transformer. But the absence of backlit keypad is really giving me headache in dim environment. The backlit keypad was really very useful to me, and probably to folks with visual issues.

Since they’re not buying me expensive backlit keypad laptop, I guess I just have to save and buy meself one.