imagesI bought Q5, and then I made security swipe of my 9900 to release the BB ID there since I’m using same number.

After almost a month with Q5, I felt miserable and disappointed with a lot of useful functions that are suddenly a dearth in BB10/Q5. Plus the fact that the subscription package is different from BIS and my provider is chopping my extra credit in the phone everytime I do FB, instead of charging it against the supposed to be 1.5GB data allowance.

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In addition, I was shocked to learn that in BB10, when you “clean” (as in delete) your old emails in handheld devices, your server-side copies are also deleted. I lost a month’s worth of emails before I realized what was going on.  Blame it on RIM’s effort to be like iDroidz by implementing ActiveSync.  I mean, is it too much of an embarrassment for RIM to maintain that function of deleting emails from handheld only in their BB10s?

After 3 weeks now, I decided to go back to 9900. i thought i should upgrade the OS as I have upgraded twice already and there was this new version from Rogers.

So last night I used Apploader to update the OS. At the end of upgrading, the system crashed as the Apploader indicated their was password on the device.  I was horrified at the impending outcome of failed upgrade. Indeed, after several tries, the apploader closed and my BB crashed.

Blackberry 9900

I sent it just now (Friday)  to service center and hope they can restore it to factory setting so I can go back to BIS.

Waiting for Dec to gift the Q5 to my son who is an Android-phone user, because that is what the BB10 was made for – android and iPhone users.

Other BB10 users’  lament:

“One example is that BBRY buried the phone application in the nest of other panes, treating it as if it was just another application, while in the legacy UI, device has dedicated buttons that you can use no matter where in the screen you were. BBRY was first and foremost, the phone first.”

“There is much to like about the Q10, like the keyboard, camera, call clarity, internet speed etc. But dang, I just want to call someone! On my Torch the process was click spacebar to wake up, then start dialing, or voice prompt, or contacts. Now, SWIPE to wake up, then SWIPE to turn off the simply ridiculous time and notifications screen, then SWIPE to get out of hub then touch screen to bring up phone – by then I’ve forgotten who I was calling. Swipe, swipe friggin’ swipe.”
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Other complaints: