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Much has been discussed and advertised about Samsung S4,  iPhone 5, Blackberry 10 and a slew of Android clones. My boss has recently bought a Nokia Lumia, Blackberry Z0, Samsung S3 and an Philippine-brand Android phone.  He has been trying to entice me to buy any one of these phones, but I am just so not an all-screen touchphone. No, I do not need 40plus icons and apps in my phone. I want my phone minimal and clutter-free. That is why.

I am a QWERTY guy.

I used to love Nokia, but when the company gave us Blackberry (BB), my whole outlook for what is my ideal phone should be changed overnight.

I mean, I was amazed then that for an affordable subscription, I have 24×7 access to internet apps and have my emails (10 of it) pushed into my BB.

I joked to my boss that if he is on iOS or Android, and I am on BB, if we get stranded in a place with no wifi but a phone signal is around, what would he do without internet access? Probably rub his finger till it bleeds flicking on his smartphone screen, while there I was, checking my Facebook, Twitter and emails. Ha!

Yes, iOS and Android can subscribe to Internet also, but hey, unless you’re on a plan, you’d be dead worried about losing credit on your phone if you hang around on your facebook. But I never have that worry on my BIS.

Ah, not even the appearance of BB Z10 can change my aversion to an all-touchscreen phones. I just can’t see the fun there of having to use my two hands to use a touchscreen phone. Whereas, I can use one hand and a finger to utilize my QWERTY BB.

And so I wait for the BB Q10 to become available in my village, and then I will bequeath my Bold 9900 to my kid.

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