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being over 40’s, I have stop celebrating my birthday.. In my new work environment, they do not even know my birthday, and I liked it that way. those who greet me are limited to my family and to friends who share the month of May birthday.

This morning at 6:30 AM. I woke up because the gate security guy was asking for the padlock keys. After I gave the keys, I decided to open my laptopn. I opened Internet Exporer and Firefox, both of which opens as default tab. In Firefox, it was the usual minimalist tab, with the google search bar only. But when I clicked the IE, I was surprised at the banner graphics of Google looking like a birthday cake… hmmm, I got curios. So I hovered the mouse cursor over the banner graphics and I was surprised, pleasantly, that the banner graphics’ description was a happy birthday greetings, followed by my nickname…Awesome…

How exactly they got my birthdate?

ie bday greetings

I try to think of the sites I registered associated with Google. It can’t be from Youtube, because I used a fictitious birth date there. Aha, it must be from GooglePlus . But when i checked my profile in GooglePlus, t couldn’t have been it, because the birth date there is also fictitious. hmm, where else could they get the info.

I opened again in Firefox, and greetings appeared. When I hovered the cursor over it, the name displayed by the greetings was my real name, while in IE google, the name is my nickname.

from Mozilla Firefox

Aha, it must be the 2 Gmail accounts that I have. One is opened only in Firefox, and the second I only opened it in IE. Eureka!.

I checked the Gmail dashboard and I was amazed at the extent of Google’s tracking. The dashboard shows the kind of apps I have downloaded and installed, my android device, Youtube info, BlogSpot info, Google AdSense info, Calendar, Contacts, documents opened and shared in gmail, iGoogle, Maps, PicasaWeb, Playstore, Reader, GTalk, and GPlus.


It got me into thinking, we really must be careful with the kind of personal information we put into internet when we register for services.

Anyway, I am just enjoying this surprise greetings from Google.

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