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There goes my favorite destination.

I have always used Qatar Airways, despite my friends and colleagues’ cajoling that I used the Dubai-based Emirates Airlines, because of its Doha-Cebu flight.

I usually arrived in Cebu at around past 4 pm and then I rush to the Cebu Ferries for an overnight ferry travel to CDO. I find the DOha-Lagos very convenient, aside from the fact that the plane occupancy is low and i always have the chance to sleep in one of those 4-seater seats at the back…

Also, that most of the flight stewardesses are Bisaya-speaking.

But lately, Qatar Airways has finally succumbed to the rising cost of jet fuel and low occupancy and has decided to scrap the Doha-Cebu flight effective March 26th. Just as when I am due for vacation. Yay.

I really do not like (bordering on hate) landing in Manila. Too much hassle. I usually pay around three thousand for excess baggage in the domestic flight, whereas via Cebu offers me a comfortable rest in the ship and unlmited baggage capacity.

Too bad.

I hope another international airlines (not inter-asian) will have Cebu as their destination…

Hm, even with the thought that I will be landing in Manila, I still prefer to be with Qatar Airways, despite teasing from my colleagues it is time to switch.

Well, i only have few things to consider why I am staying with Qatar Airways — Privilege Club. I already got a Silver in Qmiles.

In Qatar Airways. you get tier miles based on QPoints. And Qpoints is based on destination distance. Whereas in Emirates Skywards, it is based on your ticket, whether Flex or Savers (assuming Economy). Since my company do not want to buy Flex, i end with only 6500 Tier points. And by the looks of it, I wont get Sywards Silver with only a twice a year travel.

And besides, Qatar Airways gives this loot bag of toiletries even to Economy passengers. Great for pasalubong. hehehe.

And so, while I am going to miss Cebu, I surely wouldn’t miss Doha. Stilll, I hope they will come back to Cebu, and hopefully, by then, Cebu government will give it some tax perks of sorts.

Qatar Airways to stop Cebu flights despite high demand

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