I haven’t even barely come to terms with the “super-fast” canonization of Lorenzo Ruiz, and here is the Philippine Catholic Church again, steamrolling the sainthood of Blessed Pedro  Calungsod by declaring “miracle” attributed to him, in the Church’s pursuit to hasten his sainthood..

For the life of me, what is happening to the Catholic Church??

Is the RC Church in the Philippins in such a dire need of funds and membership that it had to resort to “political” and “express” saints??

I can’t believe even that the Church would “fabricate” the life and times of these two people, and forced devotion on them to forcibly generate “miracle” and justify their rapid canoniization…

And Vatican concurs with this news of Calungsod “miracle”.

Wow, Calungsod and Ruiz even beat Saint Eugene De Mazenod, which took 20 years to become a saint…..

With all these “we-need-a-Filipino-saint-fast-or-lose-more-catholics” objective, I wouldn’t be surprised if next to beatified is Cardinal Sin.

If we are looking for martyrs-as-sainthood-candidate, let’s not forget the priest, nun and laity martyred by Abu Sayyaf for refusing to renounce their faith. Guess what, their family background is not that ambigous as the other two (yes, those two) and because their family tree can be traced and lots of living relatives, it can create credibility problems with the Church. And so those poor, martyred faithfuls have to wait a hundred years, when accurate knowledge of their life, relatives and faith can become obscured enough that only “oral knowledge” (read: what the priests tell you about the person) will be considered official biography of the martyre-to-saint candidate.

And how come the CBCP never endorse Venerable Mother Ignacia del Espíritu Santo even for beatification?? Is her holiness and faith not as convincing as Ruiz and Calungsod?

Machismo in sainthood process?

Do you ever take notice that for every statue of saints in your church, there is a donation box at the bottom? and have you seen a big portrait of an old man hoding a blue sphere with a signage that says “Father Of All Mankind” — anddddd, a donation box at the portrait’s feet?

If we Catholics should read the Bible, we should take a look at this passage from John 14:6:  “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Ah, our RC Church in Philippines is truly a “miracle worker”..

Religion … ist das Opium des Volkes”