Do you believe in it?

Last Song Syndrome. Copied without permission.

I was humming this song in my head – Eminem’s “Cleanin’ out my Closet”.

Moments later, one of my staff started singing the song… eerie..

Sometimes, i also find myself suddenly singing a song, prompting another person to say “hey, i was thinking of that song, too.”

And my favorite reaction is when i find myself suddenly singing a silly love song, to whch i would blurt out to nobody in particular, “Who is thinking of that fracking song?!!”

Really, i am quite an unbeliever when it comes to psychic themes or paranormal. Although i have to admit I love watching paranormal-themed movies and TV series.

But in the case of LSS or last song syndrome, i do not want to imagine the idea that I, or other people, can pick up wave thoughts of others and unconsciously synch in with that thought, Is it possible?

Remember those prayer rallies? In the Philippnes, one Catholic told me an anecdote about a strong typhoon due to hit Manila. The Archbishop called for prayer rally (via Radio Veritas?) to all Catholics, beseeching divine providence to spare Manila from the typhoon’s usual wrath. And indeed, the typhoon veered away from Manila.

But then after the sigh of relief from Manilans, the PAG-ASA (weather bureau) chief was sacked for incorrect prediction – not because they want the typhoon to hit Manila, but that the people living in towns hit by the prayer-averse typhoon were caught unprepared resulting to loss of lives and properties.  So the news said.

In my village, i have this story that concerned my late father:
A new religious sect bought the land adjacent to ours. The land actually belonged to my dad’s sister (her part of inheritance) who sold it to the sect without informing him (my dad) and he felt slighted that the family land went to other people instead of selling it to him first (or at least informing him if he can match the price).   It so happened that the back portion of the land going to the riverside belongs to us, thus, they have no access to the river except by going to the barangay road farther down. They tried to negotiate with my dad to buy a strip of the land to serve as their right-of-way. My dad vehemently refused.

Then suddenly, my dad became ill. Neighbors told us that it was because the religious sect had midnight vigils and mass prayers directed to my dad. Whatever their prayer was – for good or bad intention – we never knew.

Since hospital and regular meds did not give relief, my dad consented to sell them the back-land so the sect can have access to the river. And he got well afterwards. Coincidence?

But what has this got to do with LSS?

Well, i’m just saying (silly) that both instances pertains to wave-thoughts that we our brain can pick up – whether it’s the harmless LSS or directed thoughts.

Is it possible then to direct our thoughts to President Noy Aquino? Nope, im not saying we want him to sing “Matud Nila” out of nowhere, but more on giving him “mental” (no pun intended) nudge to be more effective and decisive as our leader. Perhaps?