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Reyes death wasn’t heroic

I SYMPATHIZE with the family of the late former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes but, I am sorry to say, I cannot agree with some of his friends who are saying he was a hero and died with honor.

I am disturbed by these statements because I cannot see how someone who allegedly received a P50-million “pabaon” (send-off money) and a monthly “allowance” of P5 million can be considered a hero and a man of honor. Assuming that he didn’t receive those amounts, he still chose to remain silent amid all the graft and corruption happening in the military. Perhaps he is being called a hero by some of his peers who got a respite from the congressional investigations because of his death.

If Reyes was truly a man of honor and courage, he would have followed the dictates of his conscience, chosen the righteous path and revealed everything he knew about the scandals that happened during the Arroyo administration even if it meant going to jail with other government leaders who took part in defrauding our government.

The real heroes for me are the ordinary soldiers who continue to offer their lives for our country, despite the lack of supplies and equipment that the insatiable greed of some of their leaders cause.

—HARVEY S. KEH, lead convenor,
Kaya Natin! Movement for
Good Governance and Ethical Leadership,