I was torn between buying a laptop in Dubai Duty-free or in Philippines thinking about the cost implication.

The laptop will be for the family so the specs need not be “high” as i do not want my kids ending up using it for games.

A friend told me laptops in Dubai Duty-Free are really expensive. As expensive as in Philippines.

So i decided to buy the laptop in Lagos.

The Acer Aspire 7530G seems like a bargain at Park n Shop.

It has 4GB RAM, NVidia videocard at 512 MB, and 17″ TFT screen. That is my basic specs. I don’t that it’s an AMD and not an Intel processor. At least it’s still Core Duo. The bonus specs as shown in the list was that it “has” bluetooth, and, built-in TV Tuner.

So i didn’t hesitate to buy it immediately. A day before my flight.

When we checked it in the house, i was horrified to find that the power plug is the for airconditioning in Nigeria (BS 546 (United Kingdom, 15 A/250 V grounded).  So i called our IT guy and asked him to buy another power cable that has a common plug that can be use in the Philippines. Luckily, he was able to buy one and replace it with the Type G plug.

And so, i was able to continue  the setup.

To my amusement, the box came with a TV remote control. We tried it but it required a TV Tuner hardware. That means Acer gave me a remote to “encourage” me to buy a separate TV Tuner. And yet, in its laptop label (right-side), it mentioned TV Tuner among other feature of the model. Sucks.

OK, so i can do without the TV Tuner. This is for the kids anyways.

When i arrived in “my village” in the Philippines, my daughter asked if she can transfer music from the laptop to her cellphone using bluetooth. Since there is a bluetooth button on the left-side of the laptop, i said go ahead. To her disappointment, the bluetooth button does not function. I went to check Control Panel and Device Manager — bluetooth does not function really. I rush to Mr. Google, only to confirm my annoyance that the friggin’ Acer laptop is only Bluetooth-ready but it has no bluetooth radio. Again, i need to buy a separate bluetooth USB device. What the ***k.

The only saving grace for this laptop is the 4GB RAM and separate video memory.

I really felt i’ve been had by this Acer laptop.

I mean, it should have been indicated in the product description that it requires purchase of separate bluetooth and TV Tuner.

Ha, i can surely say Acer is engaging in misleading product description. The way it was marketed, it seems like these two features are built-in.

If at all, i can say to all of you, NEVER buy an Acer laptop unless the features it claims to have is  reallyin the unit.

One more reason i will stick to HP.