POEA Chair Jennifer Jardin-ManaliliI am not sure if the POEA is baiting the Nigeria- and Lebanon-based OFWs and would be OFWs with all these misleading press releases.

It seems like the issue of travel and work ban to both Nigeria and Lebanon are entertwined. They always go together, suspiciously mentioned together in every press releases made by either POEA, DOLE, DFA. And throw in the office of VP de Castro.

Last Monday, June 15, POEA’s Manalili issued a misleading statement about the Nigeria ban having been lifted. But as we read through the contents, it was just the opposite. The ban will not be lifted – at all… And all this talk about giving exception to Nigeria OFWs who have more than 10 years residency is nothing but — talk. It’s the POEA personnel themselves who will be the first to admit they have no idea about the so-called 10 year residency exception.

This statement was first uttered by VP de Castro in first week of April, and has since been rehashed to perfection by DOLE’s Roque and now, POEA’s Manalili.

Her reckless statement about the Nigeria ban having been lifted showed her lack of understandign and knowledge about the Nigeria OFWs’ issues and concerns. Maybe she was not given copy of the recommendation made by Gen. Roy Cimatu, after he visited Nigeria last March 2009.

Gen__Cimatu_tour_of_JBN_and_Dantata_&_Sawoe_But the important part of the June 15 press release is not about Nigeria. It was about Lebanon, and how Malacanang and VP de Castro has given their endorsement for the lifting of the ban. Hooray to Lebanon-bound OFWs.

Made me wonder why Ms. Manalili will choose to open her press release with an misleading  statement about the lifting of Nigeria ban, when what she really wanted to announce was about Lebanon.

Her brief mention of Nigeria triggered a flurry of emails among Nigeria OFWs. Some inquiries were made to DOLE and POEA. No answer.

Today, as i scanned the online news again, i almst dropped from my ergonomic chair when I read Ms. Manalili’s usual “unusual” statements.

She said that the OFW ban in Lebanon not yet over.

POEA Administrator Jennifer Manalili issued the statement on Wednesday following news reports that that a Lebanese panel is scheduled to come to the Philippines to finalize a proposed memorandum of agreement (MOA) that seeks to provide protection to Filipino workers…..

…“I’m clueless how these reports came about,” Manalili told GMANews.TV in a phone interview.

Wow. I am beginning to imagine that Ms Manalili is loking like Alicia Silverstone…. Get my drift?

She reacted to Lebanon issue when all is certain that the Lebanon ban will be lifted soon. But this time, she never bothered to make mention about Nigeria. Did not even clarify that misleading news title about Nigeria ban.

tsk. tsk. tsk.

We in Nigeria have come to accept the fact that neither POEA, DOLE, DFA or de Castro are in any position to decide the lifting of the travel and work ban.

Not that i am religious, but i join the rest of Nigeria-based OFWs in praying that Pres. Arroyo will finally order the lifting of the travel and work ban.