i was browsing youtube for advance guitar tutorials when i stumbled into another search showing a South Korean High school choir singing “Rosas Pandan”.

It reminded of my own experience in a NAMCYA competition, Elementary level. Our contest piece was “Sitsiritsit Alibangbang”. Our school’s first to join the NAMCYA held in Ozamiz City. We didn’t qualify.

Sitsiritsit Alibangbang
Altho not a Visayan song, i just included it here, for memory’ sake.

From UP SCS:

And from the Loboc Children’s Choir (during rehearsal):

 And before i knew it (ahem!), i was searching for grand Visayan folk songs that are usually interpreted by choral groups.

Rosas Pandan

Dedicated to a pretty Visayan girl who loves to go to fiestas. A world-famous choral piece – because a lot of foreign choral groups have sung this song. Obviously influenced by Filipino members in the group.

Aside from the previously mentioned South Korean singers, here are some ‘nice’ foreign interpretation of Rosas Pandan:

This group has Filipinos in it. just for fun, you can hear the ‘tzi’-gi-dong clearly. 😀

the San Francisco State Univerity Chamber Singers (with Pinoys also):

JP Stevens High School (US):

A Hawaiian HS Honor Choir:

Of course, the Philippines’ pride:

Loboc Children’s Choir:

The Philippine Madrigal Singers:

The University of the Visayas Chorale:

An here is the link to an amateur “x-rated” version of Rosas Pandan. Uh-oh, not for the faint-hearted..


The Voice of Cebu

The University of the Visayas Chorale

Matud Nila

The University of the Visayas Chorale


I used to hear this song from Cebu-based radio (DYHP). Then i saw this song performed by the Mountain View College – Bukidnon Traveling Chorale. They performed it in Cotabato City, inside the PIA office. It was a great song-and-dance choreo. Just too bad i couldn’t find it in YT performed by any Philippine  choral groups.

But i did find a gem of a video. A performance by the Kanto boys “all-strings” band. The best cover i can find in YT.

Well, that was one long video posts.

I’m not finished yet – oh.

Re-introducing some famous Visayan Solo artists:

Pilita Corrales

Susan Fuentes

Luz Loreto

Sheryn Regis


Sa sunod, about Max Surban and Yoyoy Villame (RIP)