My friend, Randy, bought a year-old, open-line iPhone from Hong Kong.

He was using it with a Globe SIM card in the Philippines.

One night, Randy was synching his iPhone with his iTunes when he was prompted that a new firmware upgrade is available. So Randy eagerly let iTunes to update his iPhones firmware fro 1.1.4 to 2.2.0.

itunes upgrade notice

Big Mistake.

After the reboot, he was shocked to see a message like this:

unsupported-sim-card Even more shocked when he realized that his iPhone has “locked” and could only access the emrgency numbers.

So we called our phone unlocking expert, Roland, for assistance.

 Roland sent us to iClarified website where the instruction how to unlock the iphone is found.

After downloading all the necessary files, we proceeded to follow the instructions.  But the same message at the top is shown, and the “Restore” window does not appear as indicated in the instructions. Randy insisted that there was no SIM card in the iPhone.

I tried the QuickPwn and followed the procedure, but still no success.

Randy was about to decide to buy a 19$ software from the internet to unlock his iPhone. And i could not really get the “Restore” window to show.

The next day, Randy finally “remembered” the Globe SIM card was still inside the iPhone. Whew!

After removing the SIM card, we opened iTunes again. A new error showed in iTunes.

 itunes no sim card

 Unable to see the “Restore” option, i decided to jump to the QuickPwn again and follow the “press Home-Power-Home button” isntruction.

This time around, the Jailbreak succeeded. 

Well, suffice it to say, the instructions from did work.

And Randy got his iPhone back, minus all the applications and media files in it.

So, again, if you want to try to unlock your iPhone by yourself, just go to the this website and “follow” the instructions.

And please, make sure you remove the SIM card.

Good luck..