death-chamberThe imposition of ‘death penalty’ in the Philippines’ penal justice has been and on-again, off-again affair.

The right of the State to impose death penalty on certain serious crimes goes way back to the earliest establishment of civilization and governmental authority. It dates even back to the Old Testament.  

After the 1987 Constitution abolished the death penalty, it was re-imposed in 1994 and in 1999, the first execution (Echegaray) under that law turned out to be very controversial, making then Pres. Estrada to impose a moratorium on execution the following year.

In late June 2006, Pres Gloria Arroyo, under pressure from European government, the Vatican and the Philippine catholic church signed a law abolishing — yet again – the death penalty.

And then, after what seems to be a settled case already that death penalty is foregone conclusion,  a couple of high profile crimes, like the RCBC robbery rampage and the Alabang Boys drug trafficking scandal, causes a knee-jerk reaction among our lawmakers to want to re-impose death peanalty.

sen-mig-zubiriRookie Senator JuanMig Zubiri should better read and learn about the story of death penalty in the Philippines before he starts yapping about its imposition.

We have been there before. And considering that 8 out of 10 Filipinos are Catholic, the death penalty bill is bound to fail, at the expense of taxpayers money spent on useless hearings in aid of this stupid (death penalty imposition) legislation.

It will be the same ‘pro’ and ‘against’ arguments.

And i don’t know if Sen Zubiri realizes it that the cause of resurgence of crimes and drug trafficking is not the absence of death penalty, but the result of corrupt law enforcement and judiciary.

I am very much in support of Republic Act 7659. The problem is only the poor gets the ‘rule and all the rich, guilty ones got the ‘exceptions’. That is what made the death penalty unpalatable.

If the law is just implemented equally, we should have seen the likes of Jalosjos and Estrada going the way of Echegaray. You can add the drug fiends and illegal recruiters to the list.

But alas, our country and our laws are such a joke ever since one patriotic guy hollered that it is better to have this country run like hell by indios…

And this is what we are getting.

pgmaAfter all the series impositions and abolitions, it should be clear to our legislators by now that the issue of death penalty is ‘dead’. Not because the Catholic Church is against it, but because the implementation of the law is almost and always biased against the poorer defendants who cannot afford to bribe law enforcers and judges..

The Cebu Boys in the Chiong sisters rape-slay also escaped death penalty, just in time. But im sure they have learned their lessons and understood what the term ‘correctional’ is for.

No need really for Sen. Zubiri to be ‘brusko’ and calls for re-imposition of the death penalty. Mommy Vicky’s friends will be angry…



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