Cabinet Secretaries with PGMA in cave tour Comment on the news:

It is not the war that troubles Mindanao. It is the culture of ‘the ther side’ that creates trouble and fuels the war.

Even assuming Manila will sell us Mindanaoans by way of the MOA-AD, it will not be an assurance that there will be peace in Mindanao.

Unlike Fr. Jun Mercado, a staunch pro-MILF, for me, Peace is not the absence of war. There can be peace even with these dialogs or dubios agreements if the average majority of muslims and christians unite and decide on their own they can live with each other in harmony — and there will be peace. Peace that comes fromt he heart and not from the muzzle of a gun.

The people who wanted war not to end are those so-called leaders who have vested interests. Because even if MILF wins this war, it will not make every muslim any better than where they are right now.

Muslim leaders have their chance to show to the world their ability to govern effectively and justly. But a billion a year budget to ARMM went to the pocket of politicians and traditional leaders.

Unless they who are exalted in their position in the muslim community will show positive and responsible leadership, we can never really trust them to govern a bigger autonomous region.

Whether it is the MILF or the politician, there is no difference in the mindset. He who holds the gun and money lords it over the rest of us – with violence and fear. 

This is incident with the Pangandamans is not an isolated case. It’s a mindset. A dangerous one.

I post here (without permission) Carlos Conde’ blog and other news related to this topic.

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