After two years of absence, i was finally able to make a one-month vacation.

Aside from family & friends, i was curios what changes i will see on Philippine TV programming — that, after two years of satellite DSTV.

I was disappointed to find nothig new on Philippine TV. From GMA, ABS to RPN, ABC. Even Studio 23 and QTV, nothing new.. Same faces.. Same program formulae.  The only consistent show i was willing to wait and watch was Bubble Gang.

All those ‘ipokrito’ telenovelas are like ‘taba ng baboy’. Nakaka umay na ang mga mukha. You will see them in telenovelas, variety shows, talk shows and ads. Same old faces… I began to think that their are no more talented Filipinos in Manila, or that the entertainment industry has reached a saturation point in finding new talent and creating new program.

The TV networks are playing safe. Instead of introducing new format and new faces, they just re-run the old shows familiar to the people. And what i find insulting is the start of the TV network war to make a copy-cat versions of foreign shows. First was Regine Velasquez in “Ako si Kim Sam-Soon”. I thought i’m going to puke with that stupid show. No offense, i like the original. But this gaya-gaya is too much. My respect and admiration for Regine burst like a bubble. Sayang talent nya. Di na nadala sa reaction ni Mariah Carey sa kanya. Pumayag ba naman syang mang gaya sa koreanang actress. Sus.

And then there was “Betty La Fea” copycat from ABS. I can take watching the original translated into Tagalog conversation. But I felt stupid watching Bea Alonzo trying very hard to mimic the original character. Hay, wala na nga sigurong makuhang ibang talent mga networks. Kaya ito, parusa sa tao. Panoorin mo ba naman mukha nila sa halos lahat na ng programa, telenovela at mga paalala (ads).

I explained my observation to my kids and i am thankful they agreed. Even them no longer watched these re-runs or copycatted shows. Of course, we all have seen the orig KSS and BLF. So even my kids can make comparison.

More than a hundred years after our supposed freedom from colonial mentality, and here we are, bombarded by shows promoting colonial mentality. Bombarded by commercial-laden shows, not to entertain us, but brainwash us to buy products subliminally promoted by the show.

I don’t want to believe our entertainment industry have run out of fresh ideas — of talented writers for both movies and TVs. 

Can anyone call on the spirit of Lino Brocka please??

I wish there will be more indie TV stations who will make brave original shows with virtually amateur actors and actresses.