“Manny is a national treasure,” he said. “If something bad happens to Manny in that fight, it’s the government that would be blamed – and GAB.”

What is wrong with this statement of Cong. Rufus Rodriguez?

This statement mirrors the state of mind of our politicians — play it safe, at the expense of the masses.

Now what kind of a message Cong. Rufus wants to relay to us with that statement? “… it’s the government that will be blamed.” Why would the people blame the government if Manny loses? or if the national basketball team loses to Laos Peoples Republic?

May mas maraming usapin at problema na dapat aksyonan itong ating mambabatas. Mga isyung matagal nang pinapasan ng bayan, pero itong isyu ni Manny ang napili ni Cong. Rufus na pagtuunan ng pansin.

Di naman siguro ganyan kababa isip ng madlang tao, Congressman, na sisishin nila ang gobyerno kung matalo man si Manny.

* * *

Manny is not only a national treasure, He is a role model for what every Pinoy should be. HE is the embodiment of the Pinoy spirit — strong, can-do, risk-taker — taking on tough assignments that nobody believed he can succeed. In other words, an attitude that our politician should emulate, and not stifle.

If Cong, Rodriguez will have his way, he will will also tell Cong. Lagman to pull-out the RH bill because he (Lagman) will just anger the ‘mightier-than-the-state’ catholic church.

He will tell the military to stop defending the state and the citizens from the atrocities of MILF because he will probably reason it might anger the OIC.

And then, he will probably tell us OFWs in Middle East and Africa, and the Pinoy seafarers, to just go home and not risk themselves in some countries BECAUSE the government cannot afford any embarassment if an OFW dies, gets kidnapped or were left alone distressed because of inaction from ‘Philippino’ Embassy officials.

* * *

It is not the winning that makes Manny great. It is the fact that with his big heart, deep respect for Divine Providence and his love for country and his countrymen, he takes on many a great boxers — and he lose some but that won more —  that makes Pacman a national treasure.

If Manny will lose to dela Hoya, would the Cong. Rufus asked DepEdp to remove from our elementary textbooks any mention of Manny as a hero just because he lost, despite the the Congressman’s attempt to stop the fight??

Really, there is no rhyme or reason on the over-zealous concern of Cong. Rufus on Manny’s chances against dela Hoya.

Since it is the OFW remittance that is obviously keeping the economy afloat, Cong. Rufus might as well do something and pitch in to help Sen. Villar in providing assistance to distressed OFWs.

And if he is an admirer of Manny, he might also want to support Cong. Edcel on the RH bill. Assuming he has the guts and gumptions to take on the ‘holier-than-thou’ oppositor to the RH bill.

Then maybe he cand do something against the unjust and anti-employee Salary Standardization Law 3, which concerned government employees say  “essentially gave higher compensation to professionals and executives and “starvation pay” to the rank and file.”

Alang kay Bai Manny, ayaw na panumbalinga nang mga masinahon. Daug o Pildi, magpabilin kang numero uno nga saligando alang kanamo. Dal-a ang kusog sa paglaum sa imong yutang natawhan, inubanan sa suporta ug pag-ampo sa imong katagibalangay.

Sa gihapon…..