These 419 scams or frauds just got wiser with Filipinos.

Before, I always receive scams from Africa — notably Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana and Congo — regarding unclaimed deposit from dead dictators or dead expatriates in those countries.  Other times, it will be about winning some lotteries. Then there are job offers with stupenduous salary package. All of these, you can smell the scam when after you respond, they will ask you to advance some fees for processing. Hence, these kind of scams are also called the ‘advance fee’ scams.

But lately, i have received obvious scam emails using Filipino names and personalities.

Anything on the internet that asks for advance fee is a SCAM, a FRAUD.

Any offer of investment in millions, even coming from pinoy-sounding names, must be a scam.

If you did not join any RAFFLE or LOTTERY, consider all emails telling you that you were selected or have won millions, to be a SCAM. Do not reply.

What about those purported job offers from Microsoft or some reputable companies? Look at the sender’s email. Almost always, while the name header says MICROSOFT or PEPSI or NOKIA, but the actual sender email address is not the company email (like or or but some other email address, including yahoo. That is a scam.

Do away with Spam

In Yahoo, you can click the button ‘SPAM’ to block the email. of course, the scammers will just make another mail. And so never tire in click SPAM button to block all of them.

In Outlook, there is also a button to block spam/scam emails.

The problem is with the Open-source Squirrel mail. It does not have anti-spamming features. Unless the mail host is running Spam Assassin in their servers.

Gmail also has anti-spam feature. The annoyance is that you cannot delete at one click all the accumulated spam emails.

I thought i have seen the last of those scams, but today, i was amused to receive an email from Laarni Enriquez. Yes, Erap’s Laarni. I couldn’t help laughing at the stupidity of the scammer. It is not difficult to weave a scam story about Laarni. The details of the story can be found all over the internet. But i have to admit it was really very creative of the scammer to use the Laarni Enriquez story. Aside from the lame story, another giveaway is the scammer’s baddd grammar. I suspect the scammer sent the mail thru a mass-mailer program, that is why my email was included.
The Laarni Enriquez scam email is a variation of the usual African scam on ex-dictator’s wives — the purported wives are in position of large amount of hidden wealth (after the death or fall of their ex-dictator husbands) but they cannot bring it out of the banks unless there are foreign partners to transfer the purported hidden deposits. Of course, here lies the scam. If you respond, they will ask for advance fees immediately.

So beware.
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 11:54:07 +0100
From: “Laarni Enriquez” <
Subject: From:Madam Laarni Ejarcito Enriquez.
From:Madam Laarni Ejarcito Enriquez.
Confinement house. Manilla, Phillipine.


Dear Sir,

I am very sorry to had infringe into your privacy without permissionbut please with all humility i solicit your attention to hear me out.Iammadam Laarni Enriquez, a filippino by nationality, and a divorcee. Honestly I would like to have a long lasting relationship with you ,if possible entrusting my life time fortune into your possession,as now I am broken hearted and needs someone to trust, without remembering mypast and forsaken experiences from close confidants and family. I need someone, who would take me for whom I am and as a life timepartner, after making claims of my deposited life fortuned in Abroad.Well, from your profile, I believe in me that you ought to be a veryhonest person.

I would like to give you a brief description of my lifeautobiograph I was once the mistress of our President, Joseph Estrada,andduring his tenure in office, I was often used as a courier indepositinghis(the president) funds, in the Europe,and Africa because of myhonesty but his wife Madam Loi and her son-Jude, accused me of havingsecretaffair with the president ,this led to fabrication of all kind ofallegation against just to disrepute my honestly earned fame .
But, not quite long, I was arrested, together with his wife and son,in connection with the 27th July, 2003, failed coup for working in thehousehold of the ex-president Joseph Estrada .Althought i was latergranted bailed as there was no substantial evidence against me , now Ihave been released but under security watch within state confinementwithlimited opportunity to reach the outside world to prove my innocence. All, I want from you is to assist me make claims of some funds, I diddeposited in metallic truck box in security finance house in London,United Kingdom a remote states in British. Every other deposit havebeenconsficated and seized by the the government of Madam Gloria thePresident of republic of philippine .

But, this one is the only one theycouldnot see, as I did kept the deposit certicate and deposit agreetmentwith one of my close confidant The Amount being deposited is much about 20. Million United statesdollars,as this was the money that was supposed to be used by thePresident to acquire some properties in Europe.

All, I want from you, now is honesty and sincerity, as, as soon asthis money is claimed by you, I will look for a way out and sneaked outof Philippines and travel down to meet you in your country , theshipment cost and demurrage has being taken care I would like us to goinvestment partnership together,in investing this money in your countryandanywhere else you prefer.

I will send you my Photo, the a depositcertificate and authoritative agreetment which i am prapared to forward to youwith more hint on how to reach the security company to retrieve andrequest the shipment of the metallic box containing fund on my behalftoyour country while i join you at convenient time for joint investmentif you desire.In addition to this i promise to give you five millionunited states dollars out of the total fund for your kind assistance.



From: “Althea T. Makabenta” <>
Subject: INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY     From the Deck of, Ms. Althea T.Makabenta
Putrade Commerce
9 May, 2008

Dear Friend,

I contacted you just because where you come from. Please I would like to apply through this letter to express co-operation and to secure in your Position an opportunity to invest and do joint Business with you. I am looking forward to your urgent and positive response for us to discuss details on the phone as you can call my Number for more discussions, when I get your reply in my mail box.

Althea Makabenta.