When i was sent to another project, our client, who is also in-charge of our accommodation, subscribe for us the 3-months promotion for DSTV. Well, the promotion only shows limited number of channels, i think only 10 channels. Well, it is sure better than getting stuck with NTA TV’s lone channel.

At least we have CNN, Euronews and Al-Jazeera. So we ended up switching between these 3 channels and watch the news and documentaries.

One of the news that interested me was about the power transition in Cuba.

Fidel Castro finally accepted he is too sick to manage his country. So he transferred the power to his younger brother, Raul.

And it is no secret that Senor Raul’s outlook for Cuba is for the country to follow the China process in modernizing their economy.

Cuba’s Havana used to be the gambling and entertainment capital in that hemisphere, prior to Ka Fidel.


If i were have the money, now is the time to go to Cuba and buy some piece of real estate there. Or maybe invest in some business there. I can think of the following as ‘open’ to foreign investment:

– Construction (building and infra)
– Water processing & supply (bottled)
– restaurant/resorts (seaside and mountain resorts)
– casino (start with poker and slot machines)
– lottery (We can make lottery systems and buy this cheap lotto machines in China. Of course you have to worked with the government.)
– food procesing (RFM and San Miguel)
– Schools (pre-school and vocational)
– Transporation (major dealer of buses, trucks, lorries, average cars.)
– Construction and operation of port area (ICTSI?)
– Telecoms operations, esp. CMTS (with it, internet services)
– Advertising
– Agribusiness

Cuba has a lot of business opportunities to offer. It’s like an investor’s gold mine. It is sure Senor Raul would appreciate foreign investments with no western political strings attached. While the natives would want Norte Americanos, but the government will have none of that — of course until Kuya Fidel’s demise…

And it is also certain that Cubans in Florida and US businesses are already doing their homework on the imminent opening of Cuba to direct foreign investments.

Just like in Africa, China is poised to become Cuba’s largest foreign investment partner. With Chinese meztisos already accounting for 2% of the current population. Cuba has a Chinatown, called Paifang.

You can expect though that if China enters into Cuba, it will kill homegrown industries, even retail business, in Cuba when it begins to dump cheap competing goods from China.