It is very distressing that Filipino workers are not only abused and taken advantage in foreign lands BUT abused by foreign companies right in our own land. Why???

Because in pursuit of foreign investments, the national and loca governments are too willing to sacrifice our workers to unfair labor practices and below-the-minimum wages.

Look, if this is a local company, the DOLE and RTWPB would have swoop down on the company to enforce the minimum wage law. But because this is a foreign company — koreans, chinese, indians and lebanese — they turn a blind eye and let our workers suffer such humiliation.

In other words, a Filipino need not go overseas to feel abused in his employment. Just work on those korean, chinese, indian and lebanese company, these are the same humiliation and suffering you will have working with them overseas.

Something is really dysfunctional in the way our government and its agencies dispenses the labor law. When it comes to these “cheap-skate” asian companies, the government is syaing “just be happy you have a job.” Sure we need job creation and foreign investment, but not to the extent of allowing these cheapskate companies to abuse our workers.

We are losing our national identity, pide and territory due to massive corruption in the government. and still, the government sells us workers to these ‘cheapskate’ investors to works as slaves , instead of enforcing the labor law and protect our workers from these slaving asian companies.

This Hanjin company has been around the Philippines for a long while doing road construction, shipyard, garments and a host of other industrial activities. So you can bet it has on its payroll local government officials, agency officials that is why the picketing workers are feed to the dogs. That is why instead of being investigated for anti-labor and unfair labor practices, local government send police to break the picket and treat the workers like they are lowly foreign workers.

Everytime a work-related accident or death  happens on a Hanjin company, this cheapskate company issues press release that they will investigate the incident. But never you will hear from the government investigating and making Hanjin culpable for the accident.

All in the name of job creation and foreign investment.


Workers picket Korean firm for keeping them casuals

By Niña Catherine Calleja
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Posted date: January 25, 2008

LOS BANOS, LAGUNA– More than 150 workers are holding a picket in front of Hanjin Garments Inc., a Korean-owned garment factory in Cabuyao, Laguna, to protest alleged unfair labor practices.

The workers set up a tent in front of the factory at 3 a.m. on Thursday and carried placards demanding regularization, reinstatement of those “illegally” terminated last year and wage increase.

Christopher Capistrano, vice president of the Aniban ng mga Manggagawang Inaapi sa Hanjin Garments (Organization of Oppressed Workers in Hanjin Garments), said the picket would continue until management responded to the union’s demands.

The Inquirer tried to interview the management but no one wanted to comment.

Rolly Diega, regional director of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB), said the workers filed a case of unfair labor practice at the NCMB. A hearing was set for Jan. 28.

Diega said the workers filed a notice of strike but lost a vote to proceed with the strike.

“Their action is not illegal since it is only a protest and not a strike,” he said.

Hanjin is an export company that produces blazers, cocktail dresses and pants, including the branded Mossimo pants and shorts that it sells to the United States.

Owned by Jeong Kee-min and Mak Rae-min, Hanjin Garments employs more than 1,000 contractual workers.

Capistrano said the management had refused to regularize workers although they had been employed for nine years.

“There are no regular workers here, all of us are contractual,” he said.

Capistrano added that the workers demanded a daily increase of P185 in wages.

“This is not just. I have been working here for the past nine years and I am still getting P185 a day,” he said.

The mandated daily wage set by the Department of Labor and Employment for Cabuyao is P282.


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