You wouldn’t believe this piece of s**t from Mr. Sharon Cuneta. It makes you wonder why, every now and then, this supposedly brilliant minds we elected to the Senate would make such move or statement that smacks of insensitivity and lack of delicadeza.

Mr. Pangilinan thinks this call is ‘patriotic’.

Why on earth would we OFWs be the one to pay for the protection of whistleblowers? The likes of Singson, Lozada and Jr. de Venecia aren’t the kind of people i would want to support with my hard-earned money.

Maybe the good senator should instead ask the showbiz industry to make the donation instead of adding burden to the overseas workers. He has not even replied to emails sent to his office requesting his assistance on raging issues affecting OFWs, and here he is — ta-daa! — calmly asking us to ‘make a stand for our nation’s future..” by putting fund for the likes of Lozada. Wow.

Anyway, it is up to each one of us to make any sense out of his call.  


                  By Veronica Uy
                  Posted date: February 20, 2008

                pangilinan.jpg  MANILA, Philippines — Senate Majority Leader Francis
                  Pangilinan on Wednesday urged overseas Filipino workers to
                  donate money to the “sanctuary fund” set up by church people
                  to finance the legal needs of whistle-blowers on government
                  corruption activities.

                  Pangilinan said the appeal is especially “for those who
                  believe in the CBCP (Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the
                  Philippines) call for communal action and so that we are not
                  mere spectators but are active participants in the search for
                  the truth.”

                  He said that only on its sixth day, the Association of Major
                  Religious Superiors in the Philippines’ Sanctuary Fund to
                  support witnesses like Rodolfo Noel Lozada has now reached

                  Quoting former socioeconomic planning secretary Romulo Neri,
                  Lozada himself said labor migration has become the “escape
                  valve” that has kept the Philippine society from imploding due
                  to the numerous government anomalies.

                  The fund was set up at the senator’s suggestion during a
                  hearing on the cancelled $329-million contract wherein Lozada
                  admitted to his own responsibility in possibly anomalous
                  government deals.

                  He said the fund should help whistle-blowers defend themselves
                  in case they are charged in court because of their exposes.
                  Pangilinan said check donations may be sent to AMRSP Special
                  Funds at 28 Acacia Street, Quezon City, with telephone numbers
                  724-4434 or deposited directly to MBTC Account No.
                  3259-07445-3. He said the point person is Sister Estrella
                  Castalone FMA.

                  “Make a stand for our nation’s future,” he said.