May we request the concerned provincial governors and NBI, DFA to act on this matter immediately.
This is over the alleged illegal recruitment conducted by a Chinese national named Albert Wu, married to a Filipina, residing in Tierra Nevada, Gen Trias Cavite.
They recruited Pinoys and Pinays for 400USD/mo job but until  now they havent been paid.
The names of the Filipinos are:
1. Grace Suson – Garcia-Hernandez, Bohol (but her family is in
Binabag, Bogo, Cebu. Husband: Marcelo Suson)
2. Christian Uy – Quezon Province
3. Alfred Domingo Jr – Bulacan
1. Teresa Busnilla – Pangasinan
2. Analy Solis – Pangasinan
3. Bernald  – Batangas
Burkina Faso:
1. Anatalio Revilla – Isabella
The modus operandi of Albert Wu is to send FIlipinos as tourist to
Shanghai China, and from there, they will sign a 3-year contract
for 400 USD/mo. Then they are sent to African countries such as
Burkina Faso, Ghana and Nigeria.
These OFWs were maltreated and misled as to their nature of
jobs. and they claimed that for 3 months now they were not paid
by their chinese employers.
They wanted to return home but they have no money and their
passports were withheld.
The one in Burkina Faso is said to be sick of malaria but the
employer refused to send him to a hospital.
Their supposed job is office employee. But it turned out to be hard
labor – tindera at kargador. They were selling various chinese
goods in public market of these African countries. They pack,
display, sell and pack again.
In the case of Ms. Suson, she was made a caregiver while in
China for the mother of Albert Wu. Then when she was sent in Ghana where
she was made an all-around laborer.
Ms Suson, who was later re assigned in Nigeria, attempted suicide after she learned
that her son died in RP and her chinese employer refused to give
her her salary and to let her go home.

Please investigate and ask DFA to look into possible repatriation
of all these victimized OFWs and to arrest Albert Wu.
Albert Wu should be made to answer on the illegal recruitment and
be deported as persona non grata.
We call on the DFA, DOLE, NBI, BI and the provincial governmnt
of these victimized OFWs to help their respectivie constituents in
getting them back home and to compel Albert Wu to pay the OFWs.