The Weakest Link

Weakest_link For awhile now i have been watching British-edition The Weakest Link with the feisty Ann Robinson at the helm. It is shown in DTSV 3 times a week.

It reminded me of my own experience in Edu Manzano’s The Weakest Link. Yes, Virginia, i was able to join TWL in 2003.

I was still in CDO that time and we were call-testing the various gameshow (TWL, GKNB, WW2BAM) landline participation number (i worked in a telecoms company).

Twlep80_1Let me digress for awhile.  I actually tried for “Who Wants to be a MIllionaire” (WW2BAM) and i was able to get to the second round, only to be trumped. I botched my last opportunity when the call for second question came. You see, the second question is made by a person and not an IVRS, and its a 10-second question. I ran to nearest computer trying to delay the question, telling the lady at the other end  like: ‘heloooo, a moment, i can’t hear you.. heloo, heloooooo…”  🙂

It did not work. By the time i reached a computer, it’s 5 seconds to go. The question? “How tall is the Leaning Tower of Pisa in feet?”. i rush up Google but by the time the info was up, it’s 10-seconds gone. wtf!

Anyway, so here comes test call for TWL. Since it was test call, it’s free. Normally, it’s 10 pesos per minute when you call the game hotline.  After three tries, i got a call from TWL telling me  i have been selected. Yes! Finally….

I kept the infomation secret from my family and colleagues. I took a leave and went to Manila. TWL paid for my SuperFerry plus taxi. It took me 3 days travel and then off to the TV station (i think it was ABC-5 then). I learned to my annoyance, that i could have asked for a plane ticket instead.

There were twenty of us for the particular episode. I met one guy from CDO. He was browsing on a book about quick facts. Me? stock knowledge lang po.

Well, we were told only 8 will be selected. So in a small studio, we played a quick version of TWL conducted by the screening staff. We were divided into 2 groups, 10 per group and the last 4 standing will be selected for each group.

First went and 4 came out. Then our group was next. The CDO guy was with me.

The elimination was simple. The questions were the ones already asked on TV. So the person who watched TWL regularly will know it — and thats the case for me. We eliminated the weakest link of course, and the CDO guy was the first out. Obviously, he was not regulary watching the shows since he failed to answer almost all question thrown at him. In short, I survived the elimination. And together with seven other survivors, we were processed and given ID cards and meal stubs for hotel. The onces who did not make it?? bahala na daw sila saan sila matutulog, bcoz TWL will only shoulder travel expenses (2-way) but not for their accommodation should they fail the elims. Crap…

So we went to Bayview Hotel and we got to know each other. Our group (Me, Veronica, Jean, Rommel) was especially close-knit and we came up with a strategy: Vote all the 4 persons ( from the other group, whether it’s one of us who is the weakest link in the round. As for the 4 us, it will be the weakest link basis — daw.

Taping day

We were taken to a converted warehouse in Paranaque. That’s the TWL taping studio. After the makeup and the briefing, Edu Manzano came to give us some pep-talk and wished us good luck. We are suppose to start at 8am, but bcoz of some technical glitz, the taping started late in the afternoon.

And so there i was. Finally on the podium number 2 on the left of your TV screen.

So the player position was like this:
P1 – Veronica
P2 – Maynard
P3 – Jean
P4 – Rommel
P5 – Nato
P6 – Edwin
P7 – Marc
P8 – Kim

From P1 to P4 is our group.

First round

Kim was the obvious weakest link in that round. So it was all unanimous in disposing him

Second Round

It was Veronica who was the weakest link, but 4 of us voted for Marc since he failed to answer a few questions also. Nato and Edwin voted for Veronica.

Third Round

It was Nato who was the weakest link. So 4 votes plus Edwin voted Nato out.

Fourth Round

Veronica was again weakest link. But 4 votes went to Edwin. Edwin voted for Veronica.

Fifth Round

Jean was the weakest link. Veronica and Me voted Jean. Jean voted for me. Rommel voted for Veronica.

Sixth Round

Only 3 of us left. Rommel was weakest link. When the voting came out – there was 3-WAY TIE!!! Rommel voted for Veronica. Me voted for Rommel. Veronica voted for me.

As usual, in case of tie, the strongest link in that round will break the tie — and it was VERONICA. I felt slapped in the face. Ask by Edu “why Maynard?”, she said because i was  a threat to her.  Biatch!

I didn’t see it coming. But, i was the weakest link. Goodbye.

Pot money: 92,000 pesos.

Seventh Round

It’s suppose to be a “triple-your-money” round. But Rommel and Veronica was not able to bank any amount.

Final Round

Eventually, Rommel won the final round 2-1 to take home 92,000 pesos.

In my post-game interview, i said on TV i felt bad not having analyzed the situation. And to think that I THOT Veronica and i had an agreement we will see each other at the final round. Women….