Game KNB?

GknbWhile i was stranded in Manila, waiting for my Nigerian visa, i tried to join TV gameshows like Deal or No Deal, GKNB? and even noontime TV quiz show. I was hoping for DoND since it requires plain luck to play. duh.

After spending almost 500 pesos worth of load, GKNB? finally called me. Thrilled? Of course. I did write previously that i was able to join Edu Manzano’s The Weakest Link — got voted out.

I was pretty excited. The screening is simple. I was told to go to the ABS-CBN, fill-in personal information sheet. Then i was interviewed by “Kuya Joey” and was told to wait for call for the schedule. I was in denial — ever the pessimist. Two days after, Kuya Joey called and gave me my date and time of play. Yes, Virginia, i am finally in.

My time slot was 8-11 pm, but i went to ABS-CBN by 5 pm. We were processed by the staff, given our IDs, and the waiting started. We are batch 3 that day. At 8 PM, we wee given meal pass so we can have free dinner at the studio canteen. Then we went back again at a holding area near the taping room.

As our time neared, we had our final make-up at one of the rooms, which turned out to be a common powder room for some actress. And there i saw — and smelled — the like of Angelu de Leon (she was nice to use). The men and boys in us ogled over the pretty young things of ABS-CBN talent passing in front of us. Some of the more ‘showbiz’ girls with cellphone camera asked for pose, and the talents gamely give in.

Finally at past 10 pm, the batch before us finished taping. After clearing the studio, we were called in for final instructions. There i saw Kris Aquino in person. Ah, what man would not fall in love with her… She was bantering with some of the staff and also kidding with the ‘paid’ studio audience. I can say Joey Marquez and Phillip Salvador might be morons for hurting her.

A funny episode was that, the next day, James Yap and Purefoods will play in Araneta a big game against San Miguel. Kris was marshalling half of the studio audience to go to Araneta the next night, tickets paid for by ABS-CBN, and to bring some placards in support of Yap and Purefoods. One of the Floor Director was coaching the audience on the various shouts and cheers for either Yap or Purefoods. Then, there were more shrieks from the ladies as James Yap entered the studio with Josh in tow.

But i couldn’t care less. I was mesmerize by Kris Aquino. Isn’t she lovely. She looked like a fragile gem, her skin radiant (Likas Papaya?), her curves and cleavage accented by her choice of gowns. Someone said that she changed gown like 5 times in a day. A new one for each episode taping.

Some of my batch asked for autograph, others asked for pose with her. And she was gracious and game enough to acquiesce. Me? probably cat got my tongue. I can only watched from a distance. Too shy and insecure to even smile whenever her gaze passes by me — imagining maybe she will notice my smile. (dreams, are my reality….)

Well, i got eliminated the first round. I guess my brain cells are so addled with the Nigerian visa blues i was not able to spit out the answer — US OPEN — when i had my chance for the question “What is the name of the recently finished famous golf tournament?”. To think that i play golf.

But that’s not the point. What matters was i saw and savored the sight and beauty of Kris Aquino.

No, really.